A Thousand Stars and No Home at Blackbox Cph

The Blackbox run on September 24 has been cancelled due to too few tickets sold

A larp about being a refugee in the large, empty nothing of space, locked up in a box and at the mercy of human traffickers and corrupt border patrols, not to mention the other refugees.

We are hurried into the dock. The spacecraft is dented with obvious traces of meteors hits and repairs.

The crew comes and goes, they greet each other, just outside the airlock some of them talk to each other, they ignore us while they joke with each other, laughing. Human traffickers.

We talk to each other in bad intergalactic – information is sparse. We know that we are going on a hard journey, and that we have paid a lot of money to people we do not know, people in whose hands we are now putting our fate. But we all fleeing from something worse.

We do not know how long the journey will take. The route passes close to the meteor fields and through unsafe wormholes – the safe routes are not open to us. We hope to arrive at the space station KaorMC-14, on the road to the Culture’s sphere. AND we hope to have enough money left to go on from there.

Now they herd us into the hold.

The larp “A Thousand Stars and no home” will be run on Saturday, the 24th of September, as part of Blackbox Cph September 23rd to 25th 2016.

You can play in English or Danish. Dependent on who sign up, some groups may have Danish as their in-game language and some English, see more here.

Follow instructions on Blackbox Cph to sign up for the game.

You can play one of the 30 refugees in the larp, which runs from 11:00-18:00, plunge into the life of a border patrol guard in the table top game “Living is Costly” – in English or Danish (from 11:00-15:00) or a bounty hunter chasing through the galaxy in “The Pan-Galactic Security Force” – in English or Danish from 14:00-18:00).

Please ask any questions you may have on our Facebook page: athousandstars