Living is Costly

For dansk, se Det er dyrt at leve

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”A Thousand Stars and No Home” combines two genres: the ideological drama of the hopes and destinies of refugees, of bureaucracy and bribes in the daily lives of the border patrol; and space opera, the most colourful science fiction genre with infamous terrorists/freedom fighter, mad geniuses, melodrama and bounty hunters.

In “Living is Costly”, you play a 10-day week (or ten-day) in the life of a border patrol guard – starting with tabletop roleplaying for a couple of hours, entering the larger larp for half an hour and ending with half to an hour of tabletop again.

In ”Living is costly”, you will play one of the ”bad guys” in the refugees’ stories, but in your own story you are simply a human being with a life to live and your own problems, big and small, to take care of. There is always a story behind ruthlessness and evil, and that is what your game will first and foremost revolve around.

We say “first and foremost”, because you will also play the persons you meet in your everyday lives. Your family, friends, and acquaintances in Sacki, the crews, and the refugees you are supposed to check for contraband and travel permits, but instead shake down for bribes. In this way, you will experience both sides; the one with authority and the one without.

Roles in the game:

Kolon Tei: Newly graduated from the officer’s academy, perfectionist “play by the book”-guy, who is just starting to discover that the world isn’t exactly as his father said.

Sergeant Peter Riddeck: Thick-skinned veteran, former senior-sergeant with the command of his own boat, but demoted due to excessive corruption. His biggest wish is having his own command again, but that is expensive.

Pilot Ossei Bako: Capable pilot. Actually well-liked, despite seeming a bit posh, as if he feels better than the rest of the crew. Always short of money due to his partner, who is very high maintenance.

Private Chai Xiao: Definitely has a gambling problem that she has so far managed to hide the extent of from the rest of the crew.

Private Fai Bon: Actually a nice guy, but makes himself act tough to save his son, who is very ill and about to die. He needs a lot of money to pay for the cure.


The game will be played in Danish, if the players wish it. The larp part can be played in Danish and bits of English.