Ways to play

A Thousand Stars and No Home has both larp and table top role-play.

Everybody larps at some point, but two player groups play free form table top role-play most of the time, which are:

  • Living is Costly – where you play a week in the life of a Sackian border patrol guard. Can be played in English or Danish
  • The Pan-Galactic Security Force – where you tear through the galaxy as a bounty hunter chasing a valuable mark. Can be played in English or Danish.

The larp “A Thousand Stars and No Home” has several cultural groups:

  • Sackians, some androids and Sekolt can speak English as their in-game language (12 characters)
  • Urbanites, some androids, Culture citizens, Urrastians, Annarestians, Abarians and Arisians will speak Danish as their in-game language  (19 characters)

You can sign up for the three games separately through Blackbox Cph ticket sales.

Note that the tabletop games run at different hours from the main larp. Check out the schedule here.

Safety and boundaries

In a game that deals with such desperate situations, there will be coercion and exploitation. Some of it will be psychological but some will be in the form of violence or sexual abuse.

Naturally we have a system to ensure that your personal boundaries will be respected.

  • Questionnaire
    After buying the ticket, we ask you to answer some questions. The answers are used to secure that you get a character that is possible to play within your personal boundaries. Individual boundaries for sexual situations and violence are codified (red/yellow/green) for easy communication.
  • In game information
    Your character picture and details about your boundaries are used in briefing of crew and visiting players. All players are issued bracelets that help other players recognize their boundaries for physical play.
  • Ars Armandi
    Ars Armandi is a system used for sexual encounters of all forms. The Ars Armandi system is well established in Nordic Larp and it ensures maximal expression with minimum risk of boundaries being transgressed. Read more about Ars Armandi here.

Read more about our approach towards safeguarding the boundaries of the players here.