The World

The gameplay is based on strong character play, use of back ground story and the dynamic interaction between cultures.

So what are these cultures?


Ultra liberalistic/libertarian, no remorse, dog-eat-dog world. The space craft takes off from Sacki with the refugees.


Matriarchal, religiously fanatic, environmentalist cult. Cult members live dispersed over many worlds.


Strong, durable, positronic property. The Androids of Sacki have no rights, even if they develop feelings and a personal identity.

The Abarian system

The twin worlds of Abar and Aris, devastated by terrible war.


The rich Urrasti oligarchy has little love for the anarchist movement on the planet. Any known anarchist must flee or face indefinite incarceration.


Urbanites live under the mental pressure of extreme massed living, pressed together in their city planet denser than anywhere else.

The Culture

The great benign culture, where man and machine live together without conflict and without need.

You play the culture best suited to you

Your answers  in the questionnaire will help us find the best role for you.

When you fill out your sign up form, you will be asked to answer questions, which will help cast you into a culture that you are well suited for – and which suits your personal boundaries.

Read more about the gameplay and possibilities here.