Pan-Galactic Security Force

For dansk, se Den Pan-Galaktiske Sikkerhedsstyrke.

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”A Thousand Stars and No Home” combines two genres: the ideological drama of the hopes and destinies of refugees, of bureaucracy and bribes in the daily lives of the border patrol; and space opera, the most colourful science fiction genre with infamous terrorists/freedom fighter, mad geniuses, melodrama and bounty hunters.

“The Pan-Galactic Security Force” clearly belongs in the more colourful end of the game complex – do not expect much realism!

You play one out of four bounty hunter/hirelings that are part of an independent unit within the Pan-Galactic Security Force (PGSF). PGSF is a private militia with semi-official status, which can be hired by anyone to find and retrieve anybody. In “The Pan-Galactic Security Force” you will play one of the “bad guys” in relation to the story of the refugees, but you could not care less. You just want to be rich. Right!?

In this game, you are in a particularly intense hunt for a number of extremely valuable marks! In the span of a few weeks, the four of you traverse the galaxy in your hunt.

You start by playing a tabletop role-playing game for two to three hours, then going into the larp for half an hour and finally about a half-hour of tabletop role-playing game.

You are going to experience a number of locations and scenes, some of which will prove very familiar. “The Pan-Galactic Security Force” is in fact written as a pastiche, ie. a kind of literary hotchpotch. Stories from several well-known and less known science fiction works have been borrowed, removed from context and are now at your disposal when you experience the story.


The four characters in the game:


Started out as a criminal, but was enrolled in PAGS after first putting up a fierce fight. Captain Kelli is bold, daring, full of attitude and an expert at bluffing. Runs his/her hand-picked crew with a tough but fair approach. He/she has a bad temper, especially if people call him/her stupid – or even suggest something hinting to that effect.


Rio is a selfish surviver, who grew up in a refugee camp. He/she gets by on his/her intelligence and a well-developed ability to find out people’s secrets, set them up against each other and exploit the situation. He/she thinks that he/she is smarter than everyone else and cannot help informing them about it from time to time.


The perfect doctor who is unfortunately also a psychopath. Doc Rouge was not born, but rather cloned and incubated, and something went wrong in the process. He/she believes himself to be a nice person. It’s just that he/she NEEDS to be a little vicious from time to time. Just a little bit.


A combat android with a damaged positronic brain. Even if La Raga is not the fastest ship in the flotilla, it is good to have on your side in a critical situation. Especially if there is someone to tell it what to do. As a side effect of the injury, it has developed feelings, which is a whole new kind of challenge for it.


The game will be played in Danish, if the players wish it, and the larp part can be played in Danish and bits of English.