Ars Amandi

Ars Amandi (art of love) is a way to simulate the full range of physical intimacy from closeness to sex. This is done by moving the focus from the genitals to the arms and hands. This won’t make babies, and it’s not supposed to.

As the costumes in the game usually cover the arms, one can both simulate undressing, touching and direct sex, only by touching each other’s arms. Sit or stand facing each other, when you implement Ars Amandi, so there is no confusion of terms. The arms and hands are at work – the rest of the body is only included symbolically.

Sexual advances through touch will also move to the arms so that loving strokes can turn into a loose hand over the other’s forearm, while a slap to the butt could be a pinch of the upper arm. The interpretation of both giving and receiving a touch is up to the players. Ars Amandi is the only way to simulate sexual activity in the scenario.

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