About us

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History of the larp

The larp has been run at two Danish conventions: HyggeCon 2008 and Fastaval 2009. At the conventions, it was awarded respectively Hyggeonkel for best larp and Otto for best characters.

It has been played as part of PLAY in the City at the game convention PLAY in Modena, on April 2 2016 in collaboration with Terre Spezzate.


Caroline Koren Raffnsøe (Danish, b. 1985)

Very active larper since teens. Has worked as project leader in an event company organizing larp teambuilding events for companies and as production leader and production assistant in films. Great at keeping track of all things practical and keeping all the balls in the air.

Helle Zinck (Danish)

Larper and organizer since the beginning of the 90s. Especially fond of systemless games and larps filled with intrigues. Has travelled a lot and lived abroad in England, USA and Germany. Trained as drama teacher in London.

Malik Hyltoft (Danish, b. 1963)

Larper and role-player since 1983. Active in organizing games and conventions in Denmark since 1985. Author of 31 convention larps/rpg-scenarios, 2 published roleplaying-systems and founder of Østerskov Efterskole – the first school in the world to primarily teach through larp.

Latest activity: Theatre of the oppressed, Fastaval 2014, political larp.

Best Larp experience: A nice evening with the family, Sweden, 2007, literary larp.

Regitze Illum (Danish, b. 1974)

Role-player on and off since 1992. Have written three games for Fastaval, among them “A Thousand Stars and No Home” which won an Otto for best roles.

Latest activity: Participant at Fastaval 2013

Best Larp experience: The Life Compass, Fastaval 2008