Safety and Boundaries

Consider your limits in advance

The refugees are helpless and cannot stand up for themselves and so are vulnerable to abuse. This will be one part of the game together with the individual fortunes and goals of the role.

In this future, there are cultures where gender does not make much of a difference, while in others it does. One cannot assume that all attacks by the crew are heterosexual in nature, so in this game, it is not just women who should consider their limits in relation to sexual exploitation.

How we match your preference

To respect people’s boundaries and at the same time deliver rough play for those who want it, each player will answer some questions as part of the sign-up. The preferences for play, you indicate, will be shown with a photo of each player in costume and be used for briefing the crew and other guest players, who thus know who they can approach with a rough interaction.

Recognizing your co-player’s boundary

To ease the process, all players have bracelets that show how rough they wish their game to be:

  • Red bracelet: Be careful – this player does not want rough play
  • Yellow bracelet: Proceed according to your interaction with the player, but do not go into extremes
  • Green bracelet: Anything goes, give it your worst

As a final precaution, everybody will agree on a safe word.

Using the right codes: Ars Amandi

Physical violence is illustrated through a mix of actual contact and pretending as usual – please be careful. Sexual abuse is symbolised through the use of the Ars Amandi system which was developed in Sweden and has been used for instance at Totem in Denmark. The technique is described below. We have chosen Ars Amandi because simulated involuntary sex can be unnecessarily hard to try to play, and also can be difficult to handle in a game situation, since there may be some doubt whether this is the character or the player acting sexually.

Learn the basics of the system here.