English and Danish

You can play in English or Danish, as some groups can have Danish as their in-game language. If no English-speaking participants show up, we will play in Danish.

Written materials (descriptions of cultures and roles) are available both in English and Danish.

It is not necessary to speak English very well, as English in-game plays the role of intergalactic. Supposedly many of the groups speak another language at home and intergalactic is their second language. Now they are on the run and will speak intergalactic with each other. This also means that we can accomodate any other language groups that would like to participate and not have to speak English all the time, if they attend in sufficient numbers and also can speak some English.

Having both Danish and English in the game and consequent communication challenges will we think add game play and realism and so make for a better game!

The larp A Thousand Stars and No Home has several cultural groups:

  • Sackians, some androids and Sekolt can speak English as their in-game language (12 characters)
  • Urbanites, some androids, Culture citizens, Urrastians, Annarestians, Abarians and Arisians can speak Danish as their in-game language  (19 characters)

As regards the table top games, Living is Costly and The Pan-Galactic Security Force, they are written in Danish and translated into English and can be played in both languages.

You will be asked about your language preference in the signup form.